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Welcome to William's Blog. The official blog of Curerecidivism.com

Dr. William van der Velden received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Christian Bible College & Seminary. He is also a Registered Pharmacist.

  • Curerecidivism provides missionaries to the incarcerated.
  • Recidivism is the problem.
  • Recidivism is the inability to learn from past mistakes.
  • Recidivism accounts for the fact that our government spends over 80 billion dollars of tax payer money per year to incarcerate one in one hundred Americans in jails and prisons.
  • Since 1980 the US population has grown by 30%, but federal prison population has grown by 800%!
  • Federal prisons operate at 40% over capacity.
  • Recidivism produces men, women, and children who may be incarcerated over 20 times!
  • Recidivism also robs our culture of tax payers, leaving the rest of us to pay higher taxes! Does anyone want to pay higher taxes?
  • Recidivism is a lose-lose-lose vicious cycle!
  • And no one wants criminals being released back into society.
  • Everyone wants them to be reformed first. We want them cured!
  • We all want cure recidivism!!!
  • At curerecidivism.com we present classical principles from Aristotle, Dante, De Tocqueville, Dostoyevsky, Plato, and Shakespeare, with faithful principles of Aquinas, Augustine, Bernard, Lawrence, and Luther.
  • We use material from The Purpose Driven Life, One to One Discipling, and Evangelism Explosion along with biographies of women in Scripture to accomplish our Mission Statement
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